A Wall’s Wallet

Bespoke Letterpress Cases by Leo Benavides

A time capsule of your memories and keepsakes, safely encased in resin to be mounted up on your wall.

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Additional Information

Orders placed in London will be couriered at no additional cost. International shipping available. 

Standard - as seen in gallery
19cm X 21cm

55cm X 42cm

Objects provided for the cases should be no bigger than 3.2x5.6cm

(accommodations can be made & objects can be cut to fit or sunken into background) These resin cases are individually handcrafted, customised and are available in a wide range of colours. (Because the resins are all unique, each one is slightly different and may contain some clouding. This is unlikely, but should be noted.)

Each resin comes with an aluminium bracket that tucks in discreetly behind the case, fabricated by Felix Villiers.

You may also order an additional resin bracket that is customised to match the resin case. 
(As seen here)
For a resin bracket please donate £20+ to a charity of your choosing and send receipt on donation. 

suggested charities