A Wall’s Wallet

Bespoke Letterpress Cases by Leo Benavides

A time capsule of your memories and keepsakes, safely encased in resin to be mounted up on your wall.

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Bespoke resin letterpress cases

Preserve a family members' old ID, a beloved concert ticket, a pressed flower, favourite text, least favourite text, stones, teeth, cabbage, king.

Cases are designed according to preference.
There are three options:

a) The case containing your objects, with your chosen resin pigment/s (colour).

b) Along with your object selection, a few found objects are added that compliment the existing selection.

c) Choose an existing resin/ remake one of the resins in the existing gallery, leaving the compartments hollow for you to decide wether to add, move, exchange objects inside. 

Please email for additional information and enquiries.
All artworks made in London by Leo dmb